Gold earing and benefits for your health

These earrings are small but contributed the stars more bright and attractive. Earrings are the popular jewelry female favorite and preferred. There are many types of earrings to wear and pair of earrings (clip) to be worn on the ear. Types of pressure pair firmly against the earlobe to hold the style hanging earrings.

In terms of utility, the ear clip is part of the earrings. Earrings are a common name for jewelry on the ears only. Jewellery on the ear has long been not only the ears ring, earring … that has a lot of type, however, can still be used to indicate all earrings jewelry for ears. Earrings can be made of many materials, precious metals, precious stones, pearls, imitation precious metals, plastics etc

Whatever the shape, type of earrings with rich distortion to where ultimately only two ear-mounted type, one is imposed on the earlobe, two are hung dangling drop. Their shapes are geometric or (polygons, triangles, curved shapes). Or are the flowers (chrysanthemum, laurel …) the formation of fruit (pears, grapes …) or objects (lanterns, glass …) can not mention them all

Beneficial effects for the health of gold earrings


Beneficial effects for the health of gold earrings

Earrings, jewelry in addition to the effect, also works with health benefits in certain levels. Inherent human ear close ties with the meridians and body organs. Ear the outside of the ear structures physiologically, external reflectance effects sound waves also strengthen hear parts of the body to respond to the body, acupuncture is based on the natural disaster this reason.

There are points on the ear lobe region reacted or representatives of the air, the human body viscera, one called “ear-acupuncture” (meridians acupuncture points in the ear position). The distribution of acupuncture points that you have certain regulations, is very similar to reverse the fetus is in the uterus, head facing down. When an organ viscera certain pathological changes, acupuncture physician will stimulate the “atrium grave”, respectively, which stimulates the circulation through the meridians, smooth as air conditioning channels systemic blood, achieve the purpose of treatment. Location piercing ears, earrings just in are the first response of the human eye and on the earlobes.

When the head and eye problems, stimulating these points can make smooth the meridians, conditioning blood gas, gas assist and first taken to the eye thereby achieving effective certain treatments.

There are many ways to wear earrings, whether through eyelets ear wearing or using clamping force of the spring, or use screws to firmly against the ear are also pressure to the earlobe, are warm, long-term continuous stimulation vented eye, thus preventing eye disease and has sedative effects.

When earrings, also need to pay attention more in line with age. With men, it is best to choose to use the triangular shaped earrings, polygon, impressed to give people the image vivacious young woman, naive, lovable. Middle-aged women should choose natural earrings indecent show elegant, luxurious. These older women must use type earrings jewelry to religious gravitas, of older people deep.

Gold earing and benefits for your health

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