The note can not be ignored when wearing diamond earrings

Men wearing jewelry, such as earrings is becoming more popular, so on the streets you will often come across the image of a man wearing earring or necklaces. But have you ever asked why men like wearing more and more earrings? Especially, teenage son always have a passion for diamond earrings, sometimes floating type to attract attention.

In contrast to many men called mature teens when his childish loves the earrings with a simple design, small and skilful when they select items, which are “sensitive” every when it is presented. With a beautiful suit, in luxurious space, they will choose their own delicate diamond earrings with small bud form, which does not stand out enough to show its elegance in the opposite eye. During the more comfortable trip, they choose for themselves the character form, dust than usual. The vast majority of men are choosing diamond stud earring holding his secrets, because they know that a small mistake in choosing accessories, which is enough to make them lose points, do not get sympathy.

Besides, men are advised to wear an attractive earrings than women because they see a man who looks strong, elegant back room ceiling somewhat, artist. There are also many questions posed when men wear earrings, men should wear earring on the right side. This is not important, the important thing is how you want to show only two sides or one side. It all depends on the taste of fashion, beauty as well as each person’s preferences. And with the concept of some Western countries, men wear diamond earrings on the right side, which means that they identify as gay so if they arepiercing a party they would choose the left ear piercing to avoid misunderstanding it.

Be aware in your mind to protect your health when you wear earrings

Ear piercing requires careful very highly, especially in the ear cartilage. Therefore, to avoid dangerous complications with infections when being pierced, you should choose the basing to ensure absolutely to avoid self-piercing or pierced by a friend.

An ear piercing establishments is to ensure that licensed establishments, the instruments are sterilized before use, the staff wash their hands with antiseptic soap before performing piercings. Therefore, we also consider and look into these factors when selecting the site of pierced earrings.

The note can not be ignored when wearing diamond earrings

The note can not be ignored when wearing diamond earrings

Safe earrings choice

When choosing earrings, you select the type of quality, which contain little or no nickel in stainless steel components used in surgery, 14 or 18 karat gold, titanium, Nobium, Platinum. Furthermore, we should choose a simple style, spacious, no sharp corners to limit contact between the skin with earrings.

To avoid serious complications due to an allergy to earrings, to experience symptoms in the piercing as redness, itching or burning, red rash  and you need to keep the status for health facilities to diagnose and treat promptly.

Properly wear diamond earrings

Before wearing earrings, you need to clean the ear by taking alcohol to clean the ear with cotton to dry before wearing. Besides, we can also apply an additional layer of antibiotic ointment to prevent friction between the ears to recommend scratch, wear earrings maid will become easier, and helps to protect the skin from the ear the hazards involved when piercing.

The note can not be ignored when wearing diamond earrings
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