Useful instructions for diamond stud earring that women should consider

Although diamond stud earring is considered to be one of the hardest natural material, when they are made to order make earring, necklace or any other jewelery, it is very easy to crack or break, since the structure is no longer strong. If you are not careful when wearing the jewelry with diamonds earrings, you can damage them. This article gives you some tips on diamond cared for every day, and how to clean them.

Care for diamonds in your daily activities

  1. Remove diamond stud earrings before having to work hard, hard labor
diamond stud earrings

Useful instructions for diamond stud earring that women should consider


You should leave out the earrings when having your work activity such as gardening, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the house, the outdoor work or heavy loads calf. If you wear jewelry, especially diamond jewelry, they are easy to collide them with the surrounding objects, or dirty them with toilet cleaning chemicals, herbicides, pesticides.

  1. Makeup before wearing diamonds earrings

Please proceed to rub lotion, body spray, hair spray, makeup to get people first glance and then wear jewelry on. For these types of chemicals in makeup can damage the diamond jewelry.

  1. Take off your diamond earring before bathing

Soap can form a film on diamond color and brightness influence of diamonds. So, remove the diamond jewelry before bathing to minimize harmful effects on.

  1. Remove diamond jewelry before you go swimming

Chlorine in the pool water will react with the metal and jewelry stones, causing severe impact on the aesthetics of the item, so please always remember to remove the diamond stud earrings out before you drop into the cool pool. It is best to keep the diamonds at home to prevent loss.

  1. 5. Remove the diamond jewelry when playing sports

Any bumps or any injuries while playing sports can also ruin your jewelry, as well as injuring yourself. Let them stay home and exercise their best without having to worry about anything.

How to clean diamond earrings

Grip when carrying out cleaning

When cleaning diamond earrings, you just pick at the edges of jewelry, try not to touch your finger directly on the surface of the diamond stone.

Use a soft brush, soap and water. If you do not have a dedicated brush to clean the jewelry, you can use a soft toothbrush, which is no longer used, eyebrow brush or lipstick brush.Make sure the brush you use is completely clean and stick a layer of makeup on it.

Create a mixture of warm water and mild detergent

This mild cleanser is something that you can buy at the store jewelry, the mix with warm water detergent, diamonds set into the mixture. You can also manually create this mixture using a clean glass of water (composition similar to detergents) and mixed with warm water.

Make sure the detergent does not react with any metals that diamonds mounted. Some cleaners may discolor of diamond earrings.

Dry the jewelry

After cleaning, wipe dry as we proceed jewelry. Natural diamond stud earring usually do not get scratched if you wipe with a paper towel. However, with mounted diamond jewelry, it has been truncated structure, or made of synthetic diamond is synthesized in certain conditions, it may be scratched. Therefore, to dry them, you should use a soft cloth, preferably specialized fabric used for polishing jewelery.

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