What to know when buying diamond stud earring?

For most people, buying diamond earrings is a new experience. Except the super-rich collectors and diamond, not everyone has the money to constantly vibrate buy this expensive jewelery, life sometimes we have only a single purchase, and the purchase must be balanced.

What to know when buying diamond stud earring?

What to know when buying diamond stud earring?

However, do not feel the anxiety and pressure about this, because the characteristics of the diamond quality are very clear and simple. You absolutely can select diamond jewelry like that based on the following factors:


What to know when </p>
<p>From the rough diamond earring, which is discovered to flawless diamond studded jewelry, is both a process of meticulously crafted thick. Diamond shapes decide the level of expression and its reflective capabilities. There are 10 common shape as following:</p>
<p>– Circle (round): This is the most common form because it allows the possibility of the highest light refraction through 58 small sections.</p>
<p>– Square sharp corners (Princess): This is the unique shape without rounded corners of a diamond and is often used in engagement rings and earrings. Colours may fade from the center of the corner.</p>
<p>– Rectangular flap angle (Radiant): The shape is similar to the princess, but the corners are not so sharp horizontal flap.</p>
<p>– Rectangle cascading (Emerald): cascading structure makes little diamond more reflective, but in return, it demonstrates more clearly purity, so choose a diamond less impurities as possible.</p>
<p>– Square cascading (Asscher): There is a similar structure to the emerald but is square, a standard asscher diamond earring, which will have a square center when we look through the cross.</p>
<p>– Pictures grain (Marquise): This form can maximize carat weight of the diamond and make sense for elongated earrings.</p>
<p>– Ovals (Oval): This shape also optimizes reflective ability as pie, but feels larger diamonds stud earrings.</p>
<p>– Figure tears / pear (Perl): Typical of this is the sharp shape at the top and bottom round like water droplets. This is a combination of the Round and Marquise, feeling elongated fingers.</p>
<p>– Hearts (Heart): This is probably the romantic shapes that the girls like. Heart-shaped diamond must have equal halves, slit slightly sharp and rounded wings.</p>
<p>– Pictures rectangle rounded corners (Cushion): This shape resembles “pillow” with rounded corners, the surface feels wide and thick light reflection.</p>
<p><strong> Weight</strong></p>
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The weight of a diamond is measured in units carat (equivalent to 0.2 grams). The heavier the weight is, the higher the value is. However, the larger the diamond stud earring is, the more the rarity it is, so the value of diamonds will increase exponentially based on weight.

Like a tall person, who is not sure about the weight of a little low, the size of the diamond stud earrings does not accurately reflect its weight. We tend to evaluate diamond weight through dimension because it is the expression when they are attached to rings or watches. That could cause many people to believe in the true value of the diamond. Without professional equipment, consider its levitra 20mg τιμη weight by combining the elements: surface diameter (mm), height of spikes to section (mm) and the number of slices.

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