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Diamond Stud Earrings Guide

Although stud earrings are only small jewelry accessories the great aesthetic effect they bring to the facial beauty is undeniable. Especially, whatever the design is simple or sophisticated, the color is monochromatic or striking, diamond earrings are always an important highlight making the face radiant and noble. However, few people are familiar with shopping for … Read More

Choosing diamond stud earrings matching your hair style

Choose diamond stud earrings matching your hair style The female friend should know that each one hairstyle will suit different types of diamond earrings. Along, this article refers to choose for themselves the beautiful earrings and best suited hair style. Earrings for modern updo hairstyle If you choose diamond earrings for harmony with hair, you … Read More

How to use and preserve diamond stud earrings?

Use and preserve diamond stud earrings Diamond stud earrings are a precious and expensive jewelry.  Diamonds symbolize eternity and durable so it is often used to make up all kinds of bridal jewelry. However, not everyone knows how to protect and preserve for diamond stud earrings jewelry always bright. Diamond jewelry carries classic and refined. … Read More