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Happy New Year - Shop 40% Off Clearance and
25% Off Stock Items - T's & C's Apply

Diamond Education Guide from Diamond Heaven Diamond Education Guide from Diamond Heaven

When searching for your perfect diamond, one of the C’s to consider during this process is the Colour.
Usually, people tend to choose a diamond with the least amount of colour, as it shows the purity of colour and rarity of quality.

The diamond colour grading system is based on an alphabetised system, starting from ‘D’, meaning the diamond is completely free of any colour, all the way to ‘Z’, meaning there is a visible tint of colour in the diamond.

To see a difference in colour between two diamonds, you usually have to compare at least three colour grades
(i.e, E Colour and a H Colour).

The diamond colour system is categorised into the following grades:


Faint Yellow- Light Yellow (K-Z)

The diamonds in this grading will have a noticeable yellow tint to the diamond. Not to be confused with a Fancy Yellow Diamond, these diamonds will have more noticeable traces of nitrogen in the diamond, giving it the yellow tint.

At Diamond Heaven, we advise between a D-I Colour to ensure you can have the whitest diamond to your budget. However, should you prefer to choose a diamond with a lower colour then our Sales Team at Diamond Heaven will be happy to source a Diamond for you.


Near colourless Diamond (G-J)

A diamond in the near-colourless range will still appear colourless when set into a diamond engagement ring.

The colour will only be visible when viewed face down and compared directly to a diamond of a higher colour.

These diamonds are fantastic in price, so a definite contender when choosing between the colour of each diamond.


Colourless Diamond (D-F)

A Diamond in the colourless range, especially D-E, are considering the rarest diamonds as they display no colour at all.

An F colour diamond will have the smallest undetectable colour; only really seen when the diamond is face down and usually only by a trained Gemologist.

A colourless diamond will come at a premium price; however it is worth considering each diamond in the colourless grade as an F Colour Diamond can be 20% cheaper and still have a stunning white sparkle like a D and E colour diamond.

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