Happy New Year - Shop 40% Off Clearance and 25% Off Stock Items - T's & C's Apply

Happy New Year - Shop 40% Off Clearance and
25% Off Stock Items - T's & C's Apply

Diamond Education Guide from Diamond Heaven Diamond Education Guide from Diamond Heaven


The metal you choose should suit not only your partner’s style, but also showcase the diamond. Yellow Gold is a traditional choice and warming to most skin tones.


Platinum has become one of the most popular metals to be used in engagement rings and wedding rings. Platinum is a naturally white coloured metal, meaning it will not tarnish and lose its brilliance. Platinum is also a very rare metal that is only mined in a few select areas of the world, making it a more expensive metal in comparison to Gold and Palladium.

Platinum will also enhance the colour of a diamond and its natural sparkle.

Platinum is usually hallmarked at ‘950’, meaning it is 95% pure platinum with the remaining 5% usually being palladium, iridium ruthenium and other alloys. Platinum is also a great choice for those who have contact allergies, as the purity of the platinum reduces the likelihood of any irritation during wear.

As with all metals, Platinum can scratch, however with proper care the wear should be minimal and can be polished again to return the metal to its original look.

18ct Rose Gold

This pink hue gold originally gained popularity in the 1920’s, then made a big comeback in the 2010’s. The unique blush tone of Rose Gold is created by mixing gold with copper. As all our gold engagement ring mounts are 18kt gold, the composition will be 75% gold, with 25% copper. A Rose Gold Engagement ring and Wedding ring gives an elegance that not all metals can achieve.

18ct White Gold

White Gold is still an incredibly popular choice of metal for engagement ring settings. White Gold has the same overall appearance as Platinum, however it has a brighter ‘white shine’ and is less expensive than Platinum.

White gold is naturally an off-white colour, usually with a slight yellow tint. This is because white gold is usually mixed with palladium or magnesium.

To give white gold the trademark brightness, it is plated with rhodium or iridium. This plating will wear over time and return to its natural colour, however can be polishing and replated to return the metal to its former glory.

18ct Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold is a classic and timeless metal choice for any engagement ring. For thousands of years, yellow gold has been used in jewellery for its warmth in colour and its resistance to erosion. The colour of the gold is determined by what other metal alloys are mixed with it, such as copper and zinc.

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