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Happy New Year - Shop 40% Off Clearance and
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Diamond Education Guide from Diamond Heaven Diamond Education Guide from Diamond Heaven


Lab Grown diamonds, also known as man-made diamonds, are identical to Natural diamonds in its chemical properties. The only difference is how the diamonds are created. Whilst Natural diamonds take millions of years to develop beneath the Earth’s crust, Lab Grown Diamonds are created in highly controlled laboratory environments that imitate the conditions a natural diamond is created in a fraction of the time.

How are Lab Grown Diamonds Made?

Lab Grown diamonds are created using either two forms of advanced scientific technology- High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) or Chemical Vapour Disposition (CVD).

The traditional HPHT method mimics the extreme heat and pressure conditions deep within the Earth’s crust that creates natural diamonds. A diamond seed is placed into a piece of pure carbon, where scientist can then impose high temperatures and pressures in a controlled environment, mimicking the same process a natural diamond undertakes to grow.

CVD is a fairly modern technology to produce Lab Grown diamonds but has proven to be highly successful. CVD diamond growth takes place within a vacuum chamber.

A diamond seed from a natural diamond is placed within the chamber, which is then filled with hydrogen and carbon containing gas, such as methane.

A source of energy - in this case, a microwave beam- breaks down the gas molecules and the carbon atoms then attach to the diamond seed. The diamond seed will need to be polished throughout the process, as rough edges of black graphite can appear. This is a quick process that does not diminish the quality of the diamond, which will be ready within a matter of weeks.

what IS the difference between Lab & Natural Diamonds?

There are barely any visible differences when comparing a Lab Grown Diamond to a natural Diamond.

Lab Grown Diamonds have the same light performance as a natural diamond, the same durability, the same hardness and most importantly, can be certified by established diamond grading labs such as GIA and IGI.

The only way to tell a difference between the two diamonds is with using specialised equipment to identify the different crystal growths.

Full RuboverLAB GROWN
Full RuboverNATURAL

Are Lab Grown Diamonds certified?

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At Diamond Heaven, all our Lab Grown Diamonds come with certification.
The process of diamond grading is the same for a Lab Grown diamond as it is for a Natural Diamond.

The grading process focuses on the 4 C’S, cut, clarity, colour, and carat. Each step of the grading process is taken very seriously to ensure all diamonds are given the correct grade. The certificate will then state if any further heat treatment has been used on the diamond and whether it is a HPHT diamond or CVD diamond.

At Diamond Heaven, we sell GIA and IGI certified Lab Grown Diamonds. However, please note GIA certificates are online documentation only.

This can be downloaded for your personal records. IGI Lab Grown Diamonds will come with a physical certificate.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Ethical?

As a whole Lab Grown diamonds are seen as a more ethical choice for your engagement ring. There is no damage to the environment as they do not require mining to produce.

The working conditions for Lab Grown diamonds are far more ethical, as we can be entirely sure where the diamond has come from and be sure of the human rights and working conditions for the individual involved.

Lab Grown diamonds still use a considerable amount of energy, however this is much lower than mining a Natural Diamond.

In recent years, diamond mines have made critical changes to become more ethically conscious. All legitimate diamond mine companies abide to the Kimberley Process, ensuring the legitimacy of diamonds purchased and to ensure they have not been used to profit in conflict.

The most significant difference between Lab Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds is the price. You will find that a Lab Grown Diamond can be 40-50% cheaper than a Natural Diamond, meaning you can spend less money on higher specifications in a Lab Grown Diamond than that of a Natural Diamond.

If you are looking for a diamond as an investment, then we would recommend a Natural Diamond. All the diamonds that will ever exist have already been created in the Earth’s crust. Once the mines are empty, there will be no more diamonds left to mine. The natural beauty and quality of a natural diamond also make it a rare and valuable gemstone.

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