Happy New Year - Shop 40% Off Clearance and 25% Off Stock Items - T's & C's Apply

Happy New Year - Shop 40% Off Clearance and
25% Off Stock Items - T's & C's Apply

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Choose from gold, platinum or silver as your Eternity Ring setting and build the perfect ring for your partner. Our Diamond Eternity Rings come in various styles and designs so you'll be sure to find the right one. 

Whether you're looking for full, half, regular, traditional diamond or lab grown Diamond Eternity Rings you'll be able to select your perfect one in one of our showrooms. These are located in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow and Leeds. You can even spread the cost of your Diamond Eternity Ring with a number of finance options.

At Diamond Heaven, our stunning collection of Oval Diamond Eternity Rings are a truly symbolic decleration of everlasting love, thanks to the single unbroken band used to create the rings.

From a Half Diamond Eternity Ring to a Full Diamond Eternity Ring, we have a range of designs for both those who prefer a subtle diamond and those that like to stand out from the crowd.

Each one of our Eternity Rings is handcrafted by our truly passionate ring experts with the 4Cs (Cut, Clarity, Colour & Carat) in mind, to ensure that every ring signifies a truly unbroken bond with a loved one.

What Is An Oval Diamond Eternity Ring?

An oval diamond eternity ring is an eternity ring that features oval diamonds in different settings such as 5 Stone. Due to the stones elongated shape, they maximise the carat of the diamond giving you more bang for your buck.

What Should I Consider When Shopping For An Oval Cut Diamond Eternity Ring?

When searching for your perfect oval cut diamond eternity ring, you should make sure that you are taking the 4 C’s into consideration. The 4 C’s refer to Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat and the reason they should be taken into account when shopping for diamonds is that they are the main criteria in which jewellers determine a diamonds price point.